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Ether Rises Through Bitcoin Spill-Over Effect

There have been no fundamental changes in Ethereum lately, yet Ether is growing again, regaining some of the value it lost over the last few months. The only possible explanation to this sudden surge, is a spill-over effect from the buzz that cryptocurrency markets...

2016 Was A Roller Coaster For Ethereum

This past year was supposed to be a very promising one for Ethereum. Although many of the early adopters and investors can still claim amazing returns on Ether, the network itself suffered many blows. Probably the most incredible development of 2016, and one of the...

Ethereum Forks As Ether Continues Falling

Ether is trading below $8.2 USD for the first time since May 1st, 2016. This is due to a long string of problems with the Ethereum network that many would say started with the DAO hard fork, and continued with the 51% attacks and the recent accidental fork. There is...