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vDice ICO Is Gathering Steam

A simple idea that looks a lot like Bitcoin’s iconic Satoshi Dice, is now in the midst of a very promising ICO. vDice built upon the principles of Satoshi Dice to deliver Ether gambling to its customers, but unlike its bitcoin forefather, its creators are looking to...

The Pitts Family Circus An Ethereum Crowd-Funded Project

The first movie to be crowd-funded using the Ethereum network, is projected to hit festivals and theatres in 2018. This project not only shows the versatility of the Ethereum network, but it gives investors a glimpse of how important the Ethereum network will be. The...

The Ethereum Hard Fork No One Is Talking About

After facing annoying DDoS attacks that have only managed to slow the network down, the Ethereum community has decided to go for yet another hard fork. This will be the second such move for Ethereum in the past 4 months, but this time everything is different. There is...