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Ethereum Ether GamingThe Ethereum project is based on the premise that anyone can program any kind of Dapp – Decentralized App – on it. This, theoretically, could include games and although there are none right now, the potential to create them is great. This is due to the structure of the network in terms of ownership, provenance and support. Ethereum gaming will be developed according to the principle of Dapps, in a manner in which no central authority will be able to control the game, if it supports the newest iteration that a given developer created or if it should be discontinued.

This creates an environment in which a lot more diversity could be introduced into the realm of gaming. Basically, developers would work towards the satisfaction of the majority of the stakeholders in the game, instead of developing to satisfy the needs and wants of a corporation. In return, these game developers will get a fee or royalty for their services.

Current State of Ethereum Gaming

Although this hasn’t happened yet, searching for the term ‘Ethereum Gaming’ on, yields a whopping 174,000 results. For a network that only has a few gambling (dice) Dapps on it, this could be perplexing. Nevertheless a closer look reveals the reason why there are so many results for the term ‘Ethereum Gaming’: many multiplayer tournaments for popular games, have Ether denominated prizes – Ether being the cryptocurrency of the Ethereum project.

Game Tokens for Ether?

There are other sites that promote regular web-based games, in which the players would do certain tasks to get game tokens. These tokens can be sold in exchange for Ether. This is more a testament to the popularity of the cryptocurrency and the clout that the Ethereum network has gained in a very short period of time, but these are clearly not Ethereum games.

Looking for Ethereum Gaming

This is why it is important to understand where to look for pure Ethereum gaming. A simple Google search could lead users to a wide array of sites that use the term to promote traditional games, tournaments or new games that are looking for traction. To keep yourself up to date with all the latest developments in Ethereum gaming, we will be actively searching the web and official forums, in order to create a list.

Hopefully we will be able to create one of the most reliable and comprehensive lists of Ethereum games available. This will benefit the readers of our blog, and will help them connect with the huge revolutionary potential that blockchain and Ethereum gaming have.